Develop your strategy

Do you need help to get a focus on what you need to do to offer great library services in years to come?  Proud2Know can help you get this clear.

We offer tailored support in strategic development.

We are flexible to your needs – and your budget.  You may only require a bit of support where we can provide you with tailor-made advice to address a particular target group and problem.

We provide information on international trends and good practices, conduct workshops with stakeholders and staff members, conduct audits and write strategic plans.


We analyse your library relations by conducting interviews with your users for example, look at your service offer, processes and infrastructure to help you develop a strategy for the future from an external angle.

Tailor-made strategic plans
We look at the library as a whole or parts of it providing you with a clear overview of your future priorities, ambitions and key intended results, written for your stakeholders.


Defining your library’s vision, mission, goals and objectives
How to define your library’s vision, mission, goals and objectives to help you achieve your ambitions. Getting the difference sharp to guide you on the path ahead. Document.

Developing a Research Support Strategy
A workshop to explore the elements necessary to form a solid research support strategy including user and service analyses and HR challenges.

Improving your Library’s Research Support Service Offer

A workshop to explore a strategy to develop the research support service offering of your library including an analysis of current services, and looking at trends and examples from across the world.

A strategy for libraries to get up-skilled and up-to-date

How to quickly become an expert in a new topic for your library
. Step-by-step guide (document).

A Communications Plan for your Library / new programme or initiative

A communications plan for you based on stakeholder knowledge and needs, looking at products and services to meet your communication objectives


If you’d like to hear more about any of the above products,
please contact Vanessa Proudman