By getting to know yourself, and being Proud2Know Yourself, Vanessa and her team will help you make things happen to make you and the people around you feel great. You will discover that you have the resources within good reach to change the things that are blocking you from being, doing and having what you want at home or at work.

Proud2Know Yourself provides personal, life and business coaching to private individuals, entrepreneurs, managers and information professionals.

Vanessa is a professional with 20 years experience as both an employee and entrepreneur. She is connected to excellent coaching professionals who can help you grow and succeed.

We deliver a suite of tools to help you:

• Set your vision or mission
• Set your goals (personal and/or professional)
• Raise awareness of who you are, i.e. your values, your strengths and talents
• Identify and address limiting beliefs that block you from moving forward
• Acquire tools to help you get things done or to help you slow down
• Gain skills to get more out of your communication with others

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