Over 70 Open Science university stakeholders

Binary codeYou can help develop or implement your Open Access or Open Science policy and achieve faster cultural change within your institution by engaging more with certain stakeholders.

Find a mind map listing a variety of research performing organisation Open Science stakeholders in this month’s blog post. I have brought together a variety of potential Open Science partners by looking at a range of international university research performing organisational governance structures.

Not every single stakeholder will be relevant to all, and everyone’s organisational structure is somewhat different. Nevertheless, I hope you can find yourself in the mix. 

Please also note that this list only includes internal stakeholders and does not include important external ones like publishers, research funders, or other external service providers like DOAJ or Sherpa services for example.

Over 70 Open Science internal university stakeholders 

<< A special thanks goes to Jan Erik Frantsvag for reviewing the list.>>

If I have failed to mention any stakeholders, please mention them in the comment box below.

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