Manage your user and stakeholder relationships

When was the last time you sat down to really look at the priorities of your users and other stakeholders, and at your partnerships outside of the library?

Proud2Know can help you gain a more structured and deeper understanding of your stakeholders.

We will give you tools to help you get new policy, services, projects, or other changes adopted, smoothly and successfully together with the people that really matter.


Knowing your stakeholders and when and how to use them
A step-by-step guide on how to analyse the stakeholders related to your new project, policy or service more thoroughly at the planning stage and how to use that information in your future engagement and communication with them. For a free start, go here.

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Optimising library relations by gaining a deeper understanding of all your stakeholders.
A workshop to learn more about your stakeholders’ needs and concerns through stakeholder analyses and stakeholder management planning as a team. Making this part of your communication plan to help you develop more partnerships and get you the support you need faster.

Gaining a Better Understanding of your Researchers
A workshop to help embedded librarians obtain a deeper understanding of what they know and what they do not know about their user’s needs and perceptions, analysing their current approaches as a team.


If you’d like to hear more about any of the above products,
please contact Vanessa Proudman