Save costs by learning from LIBREVE’s worldwide good practices

Library research support services worldwide (LIBREVE)

LIBREVE helps you easily and quickly identify ways to meet the needs of your researchers and increase user satisfaction whilst saving you time and costs.
It brings together library services from across the world that focus on supporting researchers.

LIBREVE is a benchmarking and business (library) development product for library and information professionals.

Proud2Know Research Support Services by theme

  • LIBREVE can help develop your research support service offering. If it’s inspiration for new services you are looking for, or you need to know how to improve a service, there is a lot to be learnt from libraries abroad.
  • Use LIBREVE to explore and clarify your ambitions in a new area for your library such as publishing, data management, collaboration or research skills development.
  • LIBREVE can help you sell a new idea to your management. Calling on other examples and demonstrating what has been achieved in other libraries can strengthen your case.
  • Turning to LIBREVE examples can gain you expertise in newer areas such as GIS or data management.

LIBREVE brings together the world’s library services for researchers through
Thematic service directories linking to each service online
LIBREVE showcases over 300 inspiring service examples from:
• now more than 100 academic libraries including MIT, CDL, Melbourne, Warwick and
• over 15 countries (including USA, Canada, UK, the Netherlands, Australia and China)


Get access to tried and tested services now

If you are interested in getting access to more of these results to help you build your research support service offer, contact Vanessa Proudman for

  • full access to LIBREVE and its more than 300 examples
  • the trend map
  • a workshop where you explore services that could complement your own current services using examples from around the world.