12 tools for an academic library strategy

set of tools in tool box on a wooden backgroundThis academic library strategy toolbox includes outputs that will help bring even more focus and structure to pinpoint your library’s priorities in the years ahead. 

They may help you gain more insight into a specific area, or highlight where you need to make strategic decisions be this for your new research support department or for your academic library as a whole.

You probably won’t focus on all things equally, nor need you. As a management team, you can share the burden and develop certain tools more thoroughly, e.g. a client engagement strategy, or alternatively you take certain focal points listed below as discussion points for your next meeting.

1. A map of your key stakeholders: looking at those with influence and power in particular, with a more detailed analysis of their impact on you, you on them, etc.
2. A strategy to identify and follow the needs of your users, including the pains and gains of your users. See the Business Model Canvas for example.
3. A client engagement strategy outlining how you are going to involve your users in the development / evaluation of your services.
4. A marketing and communication plan to ensure that current and new services and projects are known by those in need.

5. A service map mapping your services to competences, resources and needs.
6. A product portfolio documenting products including goals, performance indicators, resources or competences.
7. An improved process plan that addresses how to make current processes more efficient and how to cope with new services and activities. This might include a review of your current organisational structure.

8. A competence matrix containing the competences you need to deliver strong services and activities.
9. A personnel development plan defining how you are going to acquire what competences and develop your staff to provide up-to-date services.

10. A resource plan containing internal and external financial, technical and person resources.

11. An innovation strategy that describes how to remain up-to-date internally and externally. How far are you going to collaborate or go it alone?
12. A monitoring and evaluation strategy that helps you consistently evaluate the progress you are making as a service institution.


If you have any questions on the above, drop me an email: vanessaproudman@proud2know.eu.


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