Proud2Know serves Europe’s academic libraries. Today’s libraries are in an ideal position to help solve a wide range of information and knowledge needs of the university manager, researcher, lecturer and student.
Proud2Know helps libraries improve client relations and their service offer using library and business knowledge from across the world whilst being economical with time and budgets.

Getting things done

Proud2Know supports European academic libraries by helping them create the skilled and innovative digital library of the future looking at current challenges.  By providing 1) audits and strategic planning, 2) workshops, 3) project implementation, 4) consultancy and 5) coaching, Proud2Know can help academic libraries to innovate and gain the new knowledge and library skills required.
It also has a wide range of specific products for a variety of library needs.

It all began at London’s UCL library

Proud2Know was established by Vanessa Proudman. She graduated from UCL in London. Without the wonderfully patient, empathetic and engaged library team, who were her surrogate family around exam time, she wouldn’t be on the path that she is today. The library wasn’t only the place to swot and work hard, it was a place of coming across the unexpected, a place of exploration and of great personal development. This is where her passion for information and knowledge exchange began.

Vanessa has been an energetic and focused information manager for 20 years with a thirst for getting things done. She has both driven and followed international digital library developments across a 10-year period. Vanessa has worked with university libraries, foundations and research institutions from more than 10 countries on e-research support service development, digitisation, open access and cultural heritage. She brings in her experience to Proud2Know. Vanessa speaks fluent English, German and Dutch.


Proud2Know’s mission is to help Europe’s academic libraries shape and achieve a connected, dynamic, open, stimulating information and knowledge environment for the European academic, teacher and learner. It does this by combining professional tools and services with good practices from libraries across the world.


Proud2Know’s values are professionalism, service-orientation, openness where possible, and creativity.