5 inspirational videos for change

For the summer holiday season, here are some great speakers on change that can inspire.

Embrace the near winEmbrace the near win
Sarah Lewis, March 2014
Sarah Lewis inspires us to see that near wins will get you so much more focussed. Perhaps we could pursue more to value the near wins we have to master providing further excellence. Mastery is constantly closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Coming close to what you’ve wanted can get you to heights you never thought possible.

How to make hard choices
Ruth Chang, May 2014
Ruth Chang makes the case for changing the attitude to making hard choices. What we do with hard choices is up to us. It is the things we let go of or choose for that tells others about our values. If we allow ourselves to drift then we let the information environment write our future. We are the ones who have the power to create reasons for ourselves to make the necessary choices to show who we are and at what we stand for.

jeniThree Myths of Behavior Change – What You Think You Know That You Don’t
Jeni Cross, Mar 2013
Jeni Cross tells us how to make behavioural change differently. For example,
making the case for what you’re losing or wasting is more likely to create behavioural change. Don’t waste time trying to change attitudes as they follow behaviour rather than predict it. So connect to others’ values and set behavioural expectations instead. It is also social norms that have the biggest impact on making behavioural change so we need to create and market those.

romanThe power of outrospection
Roman Krznaric, RSA Animate, Dec 2012
Roman Krznaric invites us to see the values of empathy for social change. Our assumptions and labels stop us from seeing the realities. We therefore need to focus more on understanding the lives, ambitions, and values of others to develop effective strategies for transformation. We need to engage more in conversation and truly experience the lives of others: the cue for the embedded librarian!?

davidWant to be happy? Be grateful
David Steindl-Rast, June 2013
And a really wonderful all-rounder: Be grateful for every moment that life throws at you. Stop, look, go! Take the opportunities that life gives you and be above all grateful.

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