10 open access policy questions

1. What is the key intention in developing/revising your policy?

2. Who are the key stakeholders who are affected by such a policy and who do you need to involve to define or revise an OA policy?

3. How does Open Access fit into the country’s / institutional / faculty / departmental current overall mission?

4. What are both the current and foreseen benefits, and what are the barriers and risks?

5. How can we measure the impact of open access? What is the return on investment for the institution?

6. What are the new business models in scientific publishing and how will a new/revised policy affect this?

7. What OA choices do you have, e.g. gold vs green, and under what conditions? What has priority?

8. What other OA policies already exist on international / national / institutional / faculty / departmental levels, and how transferable are they to your target group?

9. How does the OA policy fit with other related digital policies on metadata, copyright, data? What can you learn from such policy development and enforcement?

10.How are you going to implement, advocate and enforce that policy?


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