Improve your research support service offer

Improving academic research support services is Proud2Know’s current key focus.

Proud2Know helps libraries identify new opportunities in the area of research support by looking at the local service offer, budget and infrastructure and combining this with worldwide experiences.

Products and services

Ten elements to a library research support strategy

Ten considerations when planning your library’s service portfolio for your researchers
(based on a Proud2Know blog post)


LIBREVE: Library research support services worldwide
LIBREVE is a benchmarking and business (library) development product for library and information professionals. It brings together over 250 library service examples from across the world that focus on supporting researchers. Mind maps, link directories, trend maps and workshops.
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Worldwide trends in library research support services
An overview of the trends and new gems in library research support services worldwide capturing lessons learnt from LIBREVE. Mind map.

Developing a research support strategy

A workshop to explore the elements necessary to form a solid research support strategy including user and service analyses and HR challenges.

Improving your library’s research support service offer
A workshop to explore a strategy to develop the research support service offering of your library including an analysis of current services, and looking at trends and examples from across the world.

Gaining a better understanding of your researchers
A workshop to help embedded librarians obtain a deeper understanding of what they know and what they do not know about their user’s needs and perceptions, analysing their current approaches as a team.


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