Over 70 Open Science university stakeholders

Binary codeYou can help develop or implement your Open Access or Open Science policy and achieve faster cultural change within your institution by engaging more with certain stakeholders.

Find a mind map listing a variety of research performing organisation More

Over 50 ways for libraries to increase the visibility of its researchers

iStock_000010506039Medium_WorldAcademic libraries have been focussing their efforts for some time now on helping increase the visibility of the work of its researchers and its institutions.

Libraries are doing this through scholarly communication activities, including publishing; by helping improve the academic profile online through social media and academic … More

12 tools for an academic library strategy

set of tools in tool box on a wooden backgroundThis academic library strategy toolbox includes outputs that will help bring even more focus and structure to pinpoint your library’s priorities in the years ahead. 

They may help you gain more insight into a specific area, or highlight where you need to make strategic decisions be this for … More

20 project management tips for libraries

95885404The start of the year often sees the implementation of strategy in a bigger way. In this context, I will share 20 project management (PM) tips based on lessons learnt from my 20 years of managing international and … More

22 ways to help you implement your library plans

  1. Proud2KnowCoveyMatrixUse a stakeholder analysis to see who could help you implement parts of the project, programme or service development that local staff cannot. Consider the roles and responsibilities of a new initiative together with your key stakeholders. Who might

15 inspirational library quotes for the summer

Victor_Hugo_by_Étienne_Carjat_1876_-_fullHere are a few inspirational quotes for the summer holidays from both library leaders and the famous.

  1. “A library is a place where you can lose your innocence without losing your virginity.” Germaine Greer
  2. “An original idea. That

10 steps to a library value proposition

96783498Libraries are embracing new opportunities to help better serve its students, teachers and researchers. The starting point is not always by thoroughly analyzing your current users and analyzing the surrounding contexts together with a multi-disciplinary team that really … More

10 reasons for expanding your information literacy services

Emerging monarchInformation literacy has long been a core activity for academic libraries providing access to information and knowledge and facilitating its effective use. Information literacy has changed its form over recent years to address the newer challenges and opportunities … More

7 steps to getting support for a new library idea

Making the case for your new opportunity

dv1984002The Library has an idea for a new policy, new service, new project, new resource, or even re-organisation. Having a clear one or two-page business case will help you when discussing … More

24 considerations when evaluating your library services

155291937_8Libraries are increasingly putting systematic systems in place to evaluate their services more effectively to help them save costs, measure performance, develop their programmes or to better understand their user needs. This list of 24 considerations comes from More

10 library videos to inform and amuse

CollingIf you’re looking for some light relief at the end of the year before Xmas, or if you’re looking for inspiration on how to market your research library, certain spaces or specific services in a different way … More