7 steps to getting support for a new library idea

Making the case for your new opportunity

dv1984002The Library has an idea for a new policy, new service, new project, new resource, or even re-organisation. Having a clear one or two-page business case will help you when discussing … More

24 considerations when evaluating your library services

155291937_8Libraries are increasingly putting systematic systems in place to evaluate their services more effectively to help them save costs, measure performance, develop their programmes or to better understand their user needs. This list of 24 considerations comes from More

10 library videos to inform and amuse

CollingIf you’re looking for some light relief at the end of the year before Xmas, or if you’re looking for inspiration on how to market your research library, certain spaces or specific services in a different way … More

Is your library ready for the future?

Academic libraries need to be flexible, fit for purpose and provide value for money. By investing in advice, support and training with Proud2Know, your library can be a step closer to being ready for the future.

The digital … More

10 elements to a library research support strategy

There are great opportunities to be had for libraries in the area of research support. A well-considered strategy will help you make that a success.

Based on discussions with academic libraries over 10 years, and research into … More

Save costs by learning from the world’s good practices

Library research support services worldwide (LIBREVE)

LIBREVE helps you easily and quickly identify ways to meet the needs of your researchers and increase user satisfaction whilst saving you time and costs.
It brings together library services from across More

10 open access policy questions

1. What is the key intention in developing/revising your policy?

2. Who are the key stakeholders who are affected by such a policy and who do you need to involve to define or revise an OA policy?